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Welcome to Aard Haven!

I am Nebulous (Previously known as Itzcoliuhqui) and this is mah website full of Aardwolf MUD deliciousness.

A quick rundown on the sections of this site:

News - Contains news about the site and updates.

Notes - Things that I jot down, may or may not end up being similar to a blog.

Quotes - Player quotes. Mostly from my flist/clan but others can contribute quotes if they want. Will probably contain course language and adult themes.

For Sale - Items for sale. I've started adding things to that page, let me know if you want something.

Mushclient - A collection of links to Mushclient plugins and a few in XML form made by a friend. Also a trigger/alias making tutorial that I whipped up plus an FAQ section. I'll include more things here when I think of them.

About - All about my character and I. *cheer self Includes tier/remort timeline. Just so you can see how much of a slacker I am.

Links - Links to everything Aardwolf MUD! If you have a site for Aard and you want me to link to it, let me know with a tell/personal note.

If you have any suggestions for the site, you can note them to me on personal board.